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Easy and Eco-friendly Ways to Decorate Your Store

The holidays are such a special time for a number of reasons, but--between gift wrap, packaging, and disposable displays--they can unfortunately be rather tough on the environment. Join us as we explore some reusable, sustainable solutions to merchandising your holiday goods!

Holiday Marketing Tips!

With kids back to school and Fall setting in, retailers everywhere are gearing up for their busiest time of the year - the holiday, gift-buying season. We checked in with some of our most successful brick-and-mortar customers to unlock their keys to holiday sales success. Here are some of our favorite tried and tested tips straight from the experts. Grab a cup of hot chocolate, turn on some Vince Guaraldi, and enjoy!

Fair Trade Myths Debunked

Believe it or not, 'Fair Trade' and the ethics behind the label, all started in 1946 when a company called Ten Thousand Villages (yes, the same Ten Thousand Villages, you know and love today), began buying needlework pieces from communities with low access to economic development. Since then, hundreds of thousands of shops around the world have launched with a similar mission to provide economic opportunity and support artisan craft around the globe.

Dropshipping with Acacia Creations: Everything You Need to Know

What is drop shipping and how can it benefit your business? All of your questions are answered!

​Small Groups Can Make Big Environmental Change: Celebrating Dr. Daphne Sheldrick's Legacy

Our tribute to Daphne Sheldrick's incredible life.

Paper Star Lanterns: Merchandising Tips and Tricks From the Experts

We checked in with our stellar star retailers and asked how they merchandise these tree-free paper beauties. In this post, we're happy to share with you some merchandising tips and tricks from our experts.

Easter Giveaway!

Easter is a special time of year signaling new beginnings, rejuvenation, and the first joyful signs of Spring. As we celebrate the occasion with light-hearted gifts and fun-filled activities, let's also reflect on how and where those cute chocolate bunnies and Easter eggs were made ...

The Star Lantern: Brightening Your Home

Our hanging star lantern is one of the most innovative pieces in the Acacia Creations collection.

Know Your Product

We believe that fairly traded, ethically made, and empowering products are an extremely effective avenue to bring positive change to developing communities.

A Guide for the Ethical Bride

Beauty need not combat sustainable living, for in pure and fair practices, therein lies the truest of beauties - the life giving honorable work of human hands. [A Guide for the Ethical Bride]

The People Matter

"Act as if what you do makes a difference, it does." William James

Each year, on April 24th, communities from around the world unite to bring awareness to a movement that seeks to make fashion a "force for good" – The Fashion Revolution.

Our Sisal Basket - The Ultimate Spring Essential!

This spring we proudly introduce the keystone of Acacia Creation's Spring line, our handwoven sisal basket! Just in time for the Easter holiday, these baskets have become the highlight of our gift giving experience and a joy to use as both a décor piece and everyday carry.

Gift Guide - 2016 Holiday

This season, the teams at Acacia Creations and Creative Women have collaborated and brought to you all of our best pieces to inspire your holiday shopping; from our hearts to yours with love.

Dear Graduates

The world may not point you toward a path of integrity, but we encourage you to take it! And you're not alone. We understand the struggle (at times) of standing up for our passions and dreams. But please please pursue them regardless. No matter your journey, we are excited to encourage you in it!

Happy Fathers Day

With Father's Day right around the corner, the team would like to say thank you to dads all around the world who are making a positive impact on the lives of their families! Without your sacrifice and love we would not be here today.

Fair Trade Month Story Share Contest

In celebration of Fair Trade Month, Acacia Creations is holding a story sharing contest! Join us as we promote a movement that has brought renewed life, empowerment, meaning, and sustainability to hundreds of thousands of artisans around the world! We want to hear why you have chosen to become a conscious consumer and shop fair trade.

Join the Fashion Revolution

The Fashion Revolution calls on consumers to question where their apparel is made and, more importantly, by whom. Be curious about your fashion, get engaged in the supply chain and, above all, acknowledge that your clothing and accessories do not appear out of thin air. Be curious. Find out. Do something.